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China mobile phone wholesale at great prices - Sep/24/2010

China mobile phone wholesale - great business opportunity !  More profit margin, more sales, sells quickly, less customs trouble, less after sales service headache.

How wholesale works:
1. We ship wholesale order in assembled phone or parts ( mainboard, screen, housing, accessories, packaging will be sent separately).
2. Firmware and upgrade cable available for wholesale orders for free.
3. 3% free spare parts for wholesale order, including loud speaker, front speaker, microphone, USB cable, battery, screen, housing.
4. Minimum order quantity for wholesale: 100 pieces per model.

Benifits for wholesale:
1. Reduce customs problem to minimum.
2. Much better prices than retail prices.
3. Shipping cost much less than retail order.
4. Reduce the cost and time for after sell service, most problems can be solved quickly by wholesaler without returning to China.
5. End consumers willing to buy because there is no need to worry about after sell service. Wholesaler will much more market share than retail.

Have a look at our wholesale models now:

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