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General questions

1. I'm not in China, can I buy your phones?
Yes! We supply worldwide drop ship by DHL, FedEx, EMS.

2. Can I buy your products in my private name and have the products sent to my home?
Yes! You can buy our phones in both private name and company name. We can send the phones to your home or office by DHL, FedEx or EMS. We also can supply drop ship ( send products to your family, friends, customers per your request).

3. Are your prices negotiable?
Buyers can enjoy discount for different quantities as following:

1~2 units for one model: 0% discount
3~4 units for one model: 2% discount
5~9 units for one model: 3% discount
10+ units for one model: 5% discount
50+ units for one model: contact us

Please note above discounts valid for the same model in the same order only. Discounts is not valid for mixed orders, shipping cost and accessories.

*Note: Discounts calculated automatically in shopping cart.

4. Do I have to pay tax after the price and is there any hidden charge?
All prices showing on our Web site include tax already. There is no need to add tax. There is no hidden charges. You only need to pay for the products and shipping cost only. Please note that you might be required to pay import tax to local customs when you receive the products.

5. Does your price include shipping cost and import duties in destination?
No, all our prices don't include shipping cost and import duties. You can calculate the courier freight by clicking here.

6. What's the shipping cost for the product(s)?
Shipping cost calculated automatically according to visitors location or registered information. You can click the "Shipping cost" tab on product page to see the shipping cost. If you want the item to be shipped to another country or for different quantites, please input the quantity you want and select destination, click "Check" button, you will see the shipping cost.

If you want to find out shipping cost for different items in one shipment, please see answer for the following question.

7. What's the total amount for the products I choose including shipping cost?
Please put the products you want into shopping cart, you will be directed to the shopping cart page, select destination country, shipping costs by different shipping method, select one of the shipping method, total amount including shipping will appear  as following ( no registration required):

8. What's your minimum order quantity? Can I order one phone only?
We don't have minimum order quantity requirement or limitation. You can buy any quantity as you want, as less as one phone only.

9. Are the mobile phones locked or unlocked?
All our phones are unlocked worldwide. The only thing you need to care about is the network (GSM, CDMA, 3G) and bands (850Mhz, 900Mhz, 1800Mhz, 1900Mhz).

10. Does the phone work in my country?
You need to buy phones according to your service providers' network and band. Most of our phones support GSM network, a few of them support CDMA network too. There are four different bands for GSM network around the world: 850Mhz, 900Mhz, 1800Mhz, 1900Mhz. Different service providers may use different bands.  If you are not sure, please call your service provider's hot line to find out and then select phones on our Web site accordingly. But quad band phones ( GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz) work with any  GSM network around the world. You also can check the bands being used worldwide here.

11. Will I get all languages for the phone(s) as listed in the product specification? If not, what languages will I get for the phone(s)?
No. You will get the phone(s) with English language and the official language of your country as default if the language is available for phone(s). Otherwise you will get English as default language for the phone(s). You need to specify the language you want in order comment or by email if you want other languages more than English and official languages in your country.

Other questions

1. Can I have my own logo and brand on the phone?
Minimum quantity to have your brand ( letters only) on the phone is 5 units. For retail order, we only can put your brand (letters only) on the phone by laser engrave if there was a place for the brand on the exist phones. Only gray color available for the logo by laser engrave. Cost is USD2.00 per unit. For big quantities over 1,000 units for one model, we can print your brand or logo on the phone by silk screen printing for free.

2. There are some mobile phone item numbers of which we received are different from the item number showing on your Web pages, why?
One product may have different model numbers because some bulk buyers want their own model number on the phone. Or different products may have the same model number because they are from different manufacturers, we separate them by A, B, C...

3. I want to resell your phone or be your dealer, what's the terms and conditions?
Basic requirement include experience in mobile phone business, resource to supply after sale service. You can see more information on "Resell" page.

4. Do you supply free samples for resellers and dealers?
No, we don't supply free samples.

5. Can I get your price list?
We have put all prices on this site, please see prices on the product page or category pages or seach for a model to see its price.

6. How can I get your catalog ( brochure)?
Our latest catalog brochure can be downloaded by click here .You also can required one or more hard copies to be sent to you by air mail.

7. Do you supply drop ship?
Yes, we do. We can send parcels to different address than billing address according to customers' requirement. You can change the shipping address in the shopping cart when you checkout.

8. Can I use your product images and videos on our Web site?
Yes, you can. But our logo in the images and videos are not allowed to be removed, changed or covered.

After sale service

1. What's the warranty of the mobile phones?
Warranty mobile phones is 6 months. Please see warranty details here.

2. My phone has a problem, what to do?
Please see troubleshooting page.

3. What's your repair policy?
Please see repair policy page.

4. What's your return policy?
Please see return policy page.

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Last updated on Nov 07, 2009

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