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Minimum order amount increased to US$1000(Feb/2/2012)

 Our minimum order amount increased to US$1,000.00 from Feb 01, 2012 because we are going to concentrate into wholesale business. Minimum order quantity per item is still no limited.

Be aware of Lian Wang's scam(Nov/25/2011)

We received several emails from customers about a person named "lian wang" who pretends to be our sales agent and says we have promotional campaign for iphones.

The fact is we don't know the person "lian wang" and know nothing about this person. He or she is not our sales agent.  We don't have iphones neither.

The cheater uses company name, address and telephone number, but use his or her own email address and PayPal account instead of ours.

Please be aware of this scam!

The only ways to place order to us is placing order directly on our Web site and or sending email to us to [email protected] and [email protected] Our Paypal account is [email protected]

Free shipping for all products and accept PayPal(Sep/20/2011)

We are glad to announce our new pricing system. All products on our Web site are available with free shipping to worldwide by registered air mail from post office. Tracking number available for all orders!

We also accept PayPal payment, the most popular online payment method and good protection for buyers!

49 models of Android phones from US$83.55 up(Sep/14/2011)

Android phone is more and more popular now. We have put all China Android phones on our Web site and There are 49 models available currently. More will be added.

Most China Android phones support dual SIM, quad band, GPS navigation, TV, FM. Some of them support 3G network WCDMA.

Price from US$83.55 up. Please see them on our Web site:

More than 100 models of China tablet PC from US$58.70 up(May/24/2011)

We add more than 100 models of new tablet PCs on our new Web site Price from US$68.05 up. Features include 5 to 10 inch screen,  3G, GPS, bluetooth, Windows 7 or Android 2.1/2.2/2.3 and more.

7 inch tablet pc US$68.05
Unbeatable price
3G tablet PC
bluetooth, Android 2.2
Business class tablet PC
Windows 7, 3G, 6 hours working time

Please visit our Web site to see all our tablet PCs. New tablet PCs will be added on our Web site every week.

10 inch tablet PC with Android 2.2 and Windows 7(May/4/2011)

* 10 inch capacitive multi touch screen tablet PC H890 with dual OS: Android 2.2 and Windows 7.

* 3G module optional: WCDMA and CDMA2000.

* Wi-Fi and RJ45 Ethernet network ready for Internet connection.

* Lightweight and compact design, excellent design.

Model: H890

Android 2.2 tablet PC with 1GHz CPU, Wi-Fi and 3G network(Feb/19/2011)

We are glad to announce our latest tablet PC with 3G network support P101. Features include:

* 10 inch multi touch screen
* 1GHz CPU
* 512MB memory
* 2GB storage
* Wi-Fi
* CDMA2000 or WCDMA network support
* 1024x768 screen resolution
* OTG USB host

Please see details and photos on our Web site

Build advanced VOIP system for family and SOHO at low cost(Feb/13/2011)

We are glad to announce our latest Asterisk IP PBX IP01, IP02, IP04, IP08 which designed for family and SOHO VOIP solution. If you have branch office or family member in another city or country, our IP PBX will reduce the telecommunication cost to zero between your family members and branches.  

* One time investment, no monthly bill!
* Extend your home or office landline to anywhere around the world!
* Call your home or office at zero cost from anywhere!
* Bring your home or office line to anywhere and receive calls anywhere!

Please see detailed on or Web site:

Chinese new year holiday notice(Jan/24/2011)

Please be informed that we will close from Jan 29 to Feb 11 to celebrate the Chinese new year. No shipment will be effected during the holidays, but email will still be replied.

Happy Chinese New Year!

3 SIM standby and 4 SIM standby phones available now(Nov/24/2010)

Phones with 3 and 4 SIM slots, support 3 and 4 SIM cards standby at the same time.

4 SIM standby simultaneously:

3 SIM standby simultaneously:

China mobile phone wholesale at great prices(Sep/24/2010)

China mobile phone wholesale - great business opportunity !  More profit margin, more sales, sells quickly, less customs trouble, less after sales service headache.

How wholesale works:
1. We ship wholesale order in assembled phone or parts ( mainboard, screen, housing, accessories, packaging will be sent separately).
2. Firmware and upgrade cable available for wholesale orders for free.
3. 3% free spare parts for wholesale order, including loud speaker, front speaker, microphone, USB cable, battery, screen, housing.
4. Minimum order quantity for wholesale: 100 pieces per model.

Benifits for wholesale:
1. Reduce customs problem to minimum.
2. Much better prices than retail prices.
3. Shipping cost much less than retail order.
4. Reduce the cost and time for after sell service, most problems can be solved quickly by wholesaler without returning to China.
5. End consumers willing to buy because there is no need to worry about after sell service. Wholesaler will much more market share than retail.

Have a look at our wholesale models now:

China tablet PC is available now(Jul/5/2010)

We are glad to announce our new product line China tablet PC. 7 models available currently. More are coming. Screen size from 7 inches to 10 inches, all touch screen, Android operation system or Windows CE 5.0.

Price from US$95.07 per unit up. Delivery time: 1 or 2 days. Please click the following link to see images, specifications and videos:

New posters ready(May/10/2010)

Our latest posters for phones in April and May are ready now. Please download on our Web site or require hard copy to be sent by mail.

New project phones and cheapest WiFi phones(Apr/1/2010)

We are glad to annouce two new project phones and two cheapest WiFi phones as following:

Mobile phones with projector available now: Q8-C and P790

Both support dual SIM, TV, full screen video projection!
Q8-C  - US$307.8                                     P790  -  US$205.4

Two cheapest WiFi phones W009+ and I999 : 3.2 inch touch screen, handwrite, dual SIM, Java

W009  -  US$76.90                            I999  -  US$76.90

Please see more details on our Web site

New posters ready(Mar/25/2010)

Our poster for new mobile phones from March 10 to March 25, 2010 has been ready. We will send with all orders. It can be sent by regular mail upon request.

Holiday for Chinese new year from Feb 10 to Feb 22(Feb/11/2010)

Our holiday for Chinese new year is from Feb 10 to Feb 22. We will reply emails during holidays. Orders only can be shipped after our holiday.

Happy Chinese new year!

First phone with 5.0 megapixels camera available now(Jan/5/2010)

Happy new year!

The first phone with 5.0 megapixels camera available now. The model number is N82-G. Please click the following link to have a look:

Wish everyone have a wonderful and happy new year!


Driver, application and game download available now(Nov/22/2009)

Download center for drivers, applications and games ready now.  The drivers / applications / games are suitable for most china mobile phones, old models and new models, such as PC synchronization and games. Please check our download center:

Posters for Oct 2009 available now(Oct/30/2009)

Latest posters available now. Our posters for products of Oct are ready and available now. We will send with all orders and you can require it to be sent by mail to you if you don't have an order.

New poster ready and FedEx service available again(Oct/13/2009)

Our poster for product of Sep 16 to Sep 30 is ready and available now. We will send with all orders and you can require it to be sent by mail to you.

FedEx service is available again now for deliverying phones. You can choose FedEx as shipping company when you place order.

Poster for phones of Sep 1 to 15 ready(Sep/18/2009)

Our new poster for phones from Sep 01 to 15 has been ready and available now. We will send with all orders. You also can send email to us to require some copies to be sent to you by mail.

Free gift of September: flannel skin case and 2GB card! (Sep/2/2009)
We offer free flannel skin case (black color) for each phone and free upgrade to 2GB memory card for each phone ! Order today to get the free gift!

Free gift for Auguest: universal charger and 2GB card!(Aug/4/2009)
All orders of Auguest 03, 2009 will come with free universal charger and free upgrade to 2GB memory card. Universal charger can charge any Li-ion and polymer batteries for mobile phone. It works like a normal battery charger without phone, compitable with 110V to 220V voltage.

Shipping cost calculator ready(Aug/3/2009)
Input quantity and select destination on shipping cost page, then press "check" button as below, shipping cost by different couriers will display accordingly. Shipping cost can be calculated in shoppoing cart automatically.

Poster for products of July 16 to July 31 available now !(Aug/3/2009)

Two posters ready. One for products of July 16 to July 31 and another one for best sell and recommended phones. All orders will come with new posters.

New poster for products of July 01 to July 15 ready(Jul/17/2009)

First edition of poster for July has been ready available now. All orders will come with posters, as many as possible.

Our shipping cost dropped up to 41%!(Jul/5/2009)
We get much better courier freight for July!

One phone to USA, Canada was US$33, now US$19.4, dropped 41%! (by EMS)
One phone to Western Europe was US$35, now US$21.80, dropped 37%! (by EMS)
One phone to Caribbean was US$41, now US$26.8, dropped 36%! (by EMS)
One phone to Eastern Europe, Africa, South America was US$58, now US$40.90, dropped 29%! (by EMS)

Please see details here: shipping cost. You can put the products you want to buy in shopping cart, select destination country, the shipping cost will apear automatically.

Free upgrade for memory card 2GB!(Jul/2/2009)
All customers get free upgrade for memory card to 2GB for each phone ! Promotion period is from now on to end of July, 2009!

New poster ready! (Jul/1/2009)

Our new poster is ready and available now. Phones showing in the poster are all quad band phones. We don't show our name and Web site address on all posters and brochures.

All orders will come with new posters. Poster published every half month.

More discount from June 21, 2009. Click to see details.(Jun/20/2009)
We adjusted our discount policy. All orders placed on our Web site by shopping cart will enjoy new discount:

1 ~ 2 pieces for same model in same order: 0% discount
3 ~ 4 pieces for same model in same order: 3% discount
5 ~ 10 pieces for same model in same order: 5% discount
10+ pieces for same model in same order: 10% discount
50+ please contact us for special discount

All discounts calculated automatically in shopping cart!

Free upgrade for memory card will end soon(May/22/2009)
Please note that our free upgrade for memory card will end at the end of May. Orders placed before June will still get free upgrade for memory card to 1GB. But orders after May will no longer enjoy the free ugrade.

Free gift for June 2009(May/21/2009)
Each phone will come with a tiny Micro SD card reader. The reader can help user to transfer data between computer and MicroSD card very conveniencely. The reader can be used as a USB flash drive with the memory card inside.

All orders placed after May will get this free gift.

Free gift for April 2009(Apr/7/2009)
Shopping bag is our free gift of April 2009. Each phone will come with a shopping bag for free. Please see photo of the shopping bag as below:

Brochure of March 2009 ready(Mar/29/2009)
You can choose to download our electronic brochure or require a hard copy of latest brochure. Eletronic brochure is always containing the latest models. Please click brochure page to see details.

Electronic brochure available for download from now on(Mar/4/2009)
Online electronic brochure added new products automatically. Latest products always included in the brochure at any time. Get one copy on this page:
Hard copy brochure will still being published every two months.

Brochure of Jan 2009 ready(Jan/19/2009)
Brochure of Jan 2009 available today. We will send new brochure together with all orders. If you don't have an order, but want to get an copy of our new brochure, please send email to us.

Chinese new year holiday from Jan 23 to Jan 31(Jan/16/2009)
The biggest holiday in China is coming! Please note that e-mails will still be replied during the holiday. But there will be no shipping during the holiday ( Jan 23 to Jan 31). Orders placed after Jan 20 might be shipping after the holiday ( after Jan 31). Happy Chinese new year to everyone!

Free transparent phone holder for order quantity over 5 pieces(Dec/14/2008)
Please see the holder here

Free upgrade to 1GB memory card from second order!(Nov/13/2008)
We will upgrade all memory card to 1GB for free from your second order, no minimum order quantity limitation! Starts from Nov 14, 2008 and ends on Dec 25, 2008.

Shipping cost dropped from Nov 01, 2008(Oct/31/2008)
We updated our freight table as showing on "shipping cost" page. We have better freight now because of the fuel surcharge dropped. Shipment by FedEx from Nov 01, 2008

Brochure for October 2008 ready(Oct/31/2008)
New brochure will be sent with orders or sent independently by airmail from post office if required. Please send us email if you want to get our latest brochure.

Moving site to another server(Oct/30/2008)
We are moving our site to another server. Disappeared images and some non-working functions will be recoved in two or three days. Sorry for inconvenience.

Upgrade memory card to 1GB for free!(Oct/8/2008)
Upgrade memory card to 1GB for free for quantity over 5 pieces (same model) in one order. Valid for order placed later than Oct 07, 2008.

MoneyGram closes for 10 days(Sep/26/2008)
MoneyGram in China says they will close from Sep 27, 2008 to Oct 06, 2008 for holidays here. Banks in China close from Sep 29 to Oct 05 for holidays. Western Union doesn't close during holiday.

Web site function improvements(Sep/18/2008)
1. If "seach all" checked, search result will list of all products in status of selling, coming soon and out of stock. 2. No need to login before writting reviews. 3. Video for product will be added gradually. 4. Best sellers listed automatically for each category. ...

New brochure ready(Aug/30/2008)
Brochure of Aug 2008 ready. Please see here : Brochure & Poster

Delivery service switched to DHL(Aug/29/2008)
We use DHL for mobile phones delivery from Aug 30. Please see shipping cost on

Shipping cost changed to EMS(Jul/2/2008)
We will use EMS ( or EMS transfer to TNT) service for delivery from July 03. Please see full shipping cost details on

Shopping cart system ready(Jun/29/2008)
Shipping cost according to destination and discounts according to quantity can be calculated automaticlly.

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