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Display our product specifications and photos on your Web site by copying and pasting one line of code only.

1. The photos will not come with our watermark.
2. Our name and Web site address will not display on your Web site. Your visitors don't have a way to find out the product specification and photos are from our Web site.
3. Once we update the product specifications and photos, the product specification and photos on your Web site will be updated automatically. There is no need to do anything about the product update!

How to do it?

Step 1: Login or sign up on our Web site: 
Sign up:

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Input your Web site address and click the apply button.

Step 4:  You will receive notification by email when your application is approved or disapproved.

Sep 5: Login in on our Web site, go to "my account" page, input product model number, press "generate" button to generate code for the product you want to display on your Web site, copy the code and paste in to your Web page where you want to display this product.

How it looks like? Please see the following test page:

What happens if the product is out of stock or discoutinued?

It will appear "This product is out of stock" or "This product has been removed or does not exist".

Do your price will appear on my Web site for the product?

No. You need to input your own price on your Web site. We only supply product specification and photos for display.

Why my application disapproved?

Disapproved usually caused by the following reasons:
1. Uncompleted or fake name, address, Web site, telephone number, wrong country name.
2. Your Web site is not accessable or Web address is not belong to you.
3. Your Web site is not related to China product resell.

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