Repair Policy China mobile phone

Repair Policy

If there was any quality problem and couldn't be fixed by yourself, please report the problem to us for assistant or return for repair.


1. We only repair phones which have sold by us.
2. Please only return the mobile phones after receive our confirmation.
3. Sender has to pay the shipping cost for return. We will not compensate the shipping cost if the damage or problem caused by user's faulty and improper use or the phone is out of warranty period. We will send one 2GB Micro SD card to cover sender's shipping cost if it was a quality problem and warranty still valid.
4. If the mobile phones found no problem after return, we will not bear shipping cost for returning and sending again.
5. We don't bear cost of shipping, handling and repair for products which are out of warranty period, user's faulty, improper use...
6. Please return phones by airmail from post office only. We may not have a way to clear the customs for the parcels sent by FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT. Airmail can avoid high shipping cost and import duty here in China too.

Content to send back

1. Phone with one battery only, without package box and any other accessories. Please pack the phone well to protect it from damage during transportation.
2. Declaration of the problem in details. Please also write down the order number and customer name. This is important. We need to know from where the phone comes from and what the problem is.


Step 1.
Report problem by email, live messengers or fax about the problem. Please include invoice number, IMEI number (input *#06#) of the phone, description of the problems in details (better with photos for the problems).We will help to solve the problem before send back to China for fix. If the problem can't be solved, please follow the following next steps.

Step 2.
Pack the mobile phone and battery well to avoid damage during transportation (Don't put the battery inside the phone). Please don't forget to put the documents as said above inside the parcel.

If you just put phone inside a bubble envelop without any protection, the screen always broken when we receive it. We will not take responsibility for the screen broken.

Step 3.
Print out this label and stick outside of the parcel. Please send email to us for the label.

Step 4.

Go to the post office to send the parcel by registered air mail or EMS and inform us after that.

Receiver : Yuan Wei Bin
Street address : Suite 5122, Tower C, Shenfang Building, Zhenhua Rd, Futian,
City : Shenzhen
Province : Guangdong
Country : China
Post code: 518031
Tel : +86 755 83224972

Important: Please DO NOT return phone to us by DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT. We don't have a way to clear the customs or there will be very high import duties.

 We will send email to customers on the same day when we receive the phone, notifying customer about phone status, accessories with the phone, problem of the phone. Customers will be notified again by email when the phone get fixed and sent.

Latest updated on March 20, 2011

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