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Technology FAQ

1. Can I install software and theme on the phone?
Only Windows mobile phones and Java supported mobile phones allow installation. Most phones doesn't allow software installation.

2. Is it possible to add or install more languages to the mobile phones?
New or more languages can be added for quantity over 1,000 phones per model.

3. What's the meaning of "dual SIM standby"?
It means one phone has two SIM card slots. You can insert two SIM cards inside the phone and both SIM cards can standby for call at the same time without switch or power off/on. Please note that "standby" means ready for making or receiving calls, it doesn't mean that you can make two calls at the same time.

4. Does the TV tuner function work in my country?
Yes, the TV tuner function of our TV phones works worldwide, compatible with both NTSC and PAL system. Please note the TV tuner only receives analog TV signal, not digital TV.

5. Can I install software and game in the phone, such as PC synchronization?

You can download drivers, tools, applications and games on Download Center.

6. How to use cellular phone as a wireless modem for PC or laptop?
If the phone has GPRS and bluetooth function, you can use it as a wireless modem for your PC or laptop. You need a USB "bluetooth adapter" for the PC or laptop to establish connection between cellular phone and PC or laptop. Please see detailed instruction as following:
For PC:
For MAC:

7. What's the password for restore factory settings?

1122 or 0000

Latest updated on Dec 10, 2009

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