Troubleshooting China mobile phone



1. Can't receive and send MMS or can't connect Internet through GPRS
Different service providers have different setting for GPRS and MMS, such as server name, user name and password. You have to contact your service provider for the setting. Please modify or create a GPRS account according to your service provider's setting.

2. Dual SIM standby phone can't receive two calls at the same time
Standby means ready for making or receiving call. Dual SIM standby means both SIM cards are ready for making or receiving call without switch in operation menu or power off/on for switch SIM card. 

Please note dual SIM standby doesn't mean dual SIM call. If one of the SIM card is in use, another one will be in busy status.

3. Can't charge the phone
a. AC charger is defective: If you can charge the phone from computer USB port, it means the AC charger (wall charger) is defective.
b. USB cable broken: If you can't charge the phone from computer USB port and AC charger,  the problem might be the cable broken.
c. USB socket on the phone has problem: if the AC charger and USB cable are OK, the problem might be the USB socket.
d. Battery dead: please try another battery. Output voltage should be around 3.2V to 4.7V.
e. Phone itself has problem: if AC charger, USB cable, battery and USB socket are all OK,  it means the phone itself has problem.

4. Can't power on 
a. Battery dead ( output voltage should be around 3.2V to 4.7V). 
b. Battery not charged because of USB cable broken or AC charger defective. 
c. Battery not installed properly or power pins not touch the battery properly or the power pins inside the battery broken.
d. Phone itself has problem.

5. Screen broken
You need to buy a new screen if you can or you can find someone to replace the screen in your side. Or send back the phone to us and buy a new screen for replacement.

6. Camera module not ready
Please restore factory setting and try again. Code for restore factory setting is 1122. If problem still exists, please set the camera to save photos to memory card and try again.

7. Driver required when connect the phone to computer
Driver for "mass storage" device ( USB connection): Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2003/2008 and Linux come with driver for USB connection. If driver required, it means the driver has been changed or lost, please try on other computers or reinstall the operation system.

Driver for Webcam: You can download in the Download Center.

Driver for COM port: You can download in the Download Center.

8. Can't find service provider's network or "emergency call only"
Please make sure that the phone support your provider's network and band. A GSM 900/1800MHz phone will not support the band of 1900Mhz or 850MHz. You can input *#3646633# to go to factory settings and select bands according to your service provider to test one by one.

9. Language changed to Chinese after restore factory setting
Please input *#0044# and then dial call button, the language will change to English language.

10. Accessories broken
For the phones we sold, if there is any defective accessories during warranty period, we can send replacement by airmail. If accessories out of warranty period, you can buy new accessories with your next order or buy the accessorises from us ( only for the phones we sold).

11. phone keeps shutting down itself
The problem usually caused by low power battery or defective battery. Please charge the battery fully or replace battery. If problem still exists, it means the phone itself has problem.

12. Other problems like screen blank, black, can't hear caller's voice...
You need to contact your seller and ask for their help. If you bought the phone from us, please contact us.

13. How to connect the phone and bluetooth headset?
Please see the instruction video here

14. I can't solve the problem by myself or in my side, what to do?
Please always restore factory setting for the phone if there is any problem. If problem still exists, you need to contact your seller and ask for their help. If you bought the phone from us, please contact us by email, containing order number, model number, IMEI number, problem description (photos). We will solve the problem for you !

Shortcuts for phone settings
Change language: *#0044# + OK button for English, *#0034# + OK button for Spanish, *#0033# + OK button for French, *#00351# + OK button for Portuguese...
Check Version: *#8375#
Firmware version: *#8882#
IMEI number:*#06#
Restore factory setting:*#66*#
Password for restore factory settings: 1122 or 0000

Latest updated on Nov 21, 2009

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