Receiving Shipment China mobile phone

Receiving Shipment

We use tape and seals with our logo to paste the parcel. If any tape or seals broken or the parcel repasted by tape without our logo when you receive the parcel, please check the content and quantity inside the parcel according to airway bill or invoice face to face with the courier. If there was any shortage or damage, please write down the actual quantity you receive on the airway bill or invoice, such as "received 5 phones only, 2 phones less than the airway bill and invoice states", and get the courier's writing confirmation for it, such as his signature so that compensation can be claimed from the courier or insurance company.

Please send us email if there was any lose ,shortage and damage. Please send email on the same days of receiving the parcel. Please take photos for any damage and send us in the email.

Latest updated on 2010-2-1.

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